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Venmo Desktop Issue

Hello, We integrated Venmo to our site & started testing in PROD.But we have a Desktop version issue, after the QR code is generated in Desktop & scanned with Venmo mobile app to pay, there is no error in Venmo app but there is no handshake between o...

TejeshM by New Community Member
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Create subscription creates invalid orders, why?

I'm using @paypal/react-paypal-js to create subscriptions. However, when I click to pay by card, no details are requested and I receive an order number (no errors). Under subscriptions the order isn't found, unless I search on the order number, which...

jasonfi by Contributor
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PayPal Checkout Hosted Fields

I have followed all of the instructions on the following page to setup PayPal Checkout Hosted Fields and I'm always getting the message I'm ineligble   paypal.HostedFields....

nkavian by Contributor
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Unauthorized for my own data?

When using the clientID and clientSecret for my own company, I get a 401 Unauthorized error.  We do not wish to create a product to access any data except our own.  Do I need to fill out the form here

BJScharf by Contributor
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Payum PayPal express-checkout

I am using PayPal PLUS (REST/PHP SDK) and want to switch to PayPal Checkout.Now I had a look at Payum and Omnipay. Would like to use one of them, perhaps Payum.But, express-checkout is not the same as Checkout?

Paused subscriptions: Are remaining days kept?

Hi, I was wondering, when I pause payment collection for a subscription and let's say the client had 2 weeks left of what they already paid. Once I reactivate the subscription, will they have those two weeks left until the next payment or the billing...

Get type of payment for paypal-checkout

I implemented Paypal-Checkout which works fine so far. My problem is that I don't know which type of payment was used: Was it a "pay now"-option or a "pay later"-option?I know that for me as a dealer it doesn't matter, but the customers are confused,...