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Checkout currency problem

PayPal Live is enabled both on our site admin and on PayPal.I uploaded €10 to user X and he placed an order for €10,in the cart we have 10€ in total (with free shipping here)But then when he selects PayPal as payment method the charge is 10 USD= 9.60...


ios app not working

has anyone had issues with the ios app not working , when you are at a merchant and click pay with paypal, it logs in then the wheel keeps turning, i  have tried all know fixes, remove and reinstall, its been happening on 2 separate devices

herc44 by Contributor
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PayPal SPM making failure in the Appcenter Pipeline builds

Hi Team, When I use PayPal SPM integration with my project my AppCenter pipeline builds are failing. Am using some other third-party SPM's and that works fine. And I tried removing SPM and using cocoapods for the PayPal SDK and the AppCenter builds a...

About iOS SDK

I want to integrate the iOS SDK into my app but I don't know which SDK to use Native Checkout or Braintree