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Get subscription_id from payment

Hi! While integrating subscriptions i stuck on a question:When recieving a PAYMENT.SALE.COMPLETED webhook i can't find the subscription id in the transmitted JSON data.But i need the subscription id to assign the payment to the user.Is there a way to...

aktiweb by Contributor
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Slow Webhooks

Hi,We are using Webhooks with Commerce Platform solution and it takes up to 2 minutes to receive the webhook.Is it normal behavior? Some customers think the payment failed and they order twice.Thanks,Ben 

ben-39 by Contributor
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Checkout page language issue

I am trying to integrate with the PayPal Rest API and I have a problem when trying to create the checkout urls. I have tried with various locales but it doesn't always work. Accepted values are "it-IT", "en-GB", "da-DK", "ja-JP", but for example I ca...

Resolved! When is subscription expired?

Hi, I am doing some paypal subscription integration with my dashaboard however there is too little information about subscription statuses in docs.According to docs there are 6 different possible subscription statuses.APPROVAL_PENDING. The subscripti...

miuosz by Contributor
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PayPal recurring payments doesn't show balance option

Hi, We've developed a subscription system and integrated PayPal's subscription function in it. When customers try to get a subscription they're only given the option to pay by bank or creditcard. I asked two people to test this out. Both persons have...

Resolved! The token passed in was not found in the system

We have an e-shop based on CS-Cart (v.4.17.2) that has integrated 2 x PayPal add-ons. The standard "PayPal Payments" and the new "PayPal Checkout". We presume that the new version is using v2 API but not completely sure. We have created both a sandbo...

armonis by Contributor
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Know if subscription cancelled due to failed payment

I have connected my app to use paypal subscription payments and i want to know when a client’s subscription is being cancelled due to failed payments with the suspended webhook, i have seen that there is a failed payments counter in it but as i under...

Oriz1 by Contributor
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How to get AVS response in WooCommerce

We recently switched to WooCommerce and we realized that there is no way of getting the AVS response for Credit Card orders.We use the AVS information to quickly determine if an order can be fraudulent, but without this information available at the o...

deisouss by Contributor
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