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REST Payments get error 401 UNAUTHORIZED

The most common cause for this error is the payment method passed in your REST API request.   "payment_method": "credit_card" VS "payment_method": "paypal"The payment method can be "paypal" for payments with PayPal accounts and cards (where the buyer...


I have merchant account in india. and i got verified my account with indian bank account. Also my currency is INR. I am trying to do payout using REST API's can anyone tell me to fix quickly as soon as possi...

configuration issue

I attach my secret key in my business, but it shows an error of configuration, please see it i am in trouble from 1 month,    just consider and update me.                              Thank you.    

would payout api be what i need?

Hello, i am creating a software that i plan to release to public. But before i do i want to implement a way to get lets say 10% commission of any sales made through my software/services. I saw payout api but I not sure if this is what i need.How woul...

th0rn by Contributor
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What's the alternative Rest API for payments/payout

What's the alternative Rest API for payments/payout?I just want to send money to freelancers one by one, not need bulk payments. The payout API seems for multiple receivers.Additional, I realized that i need to request a permission for that.I feel li...

arara90 by Contributor
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