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Enable SFTP on sandbox account

Need to get in touch with a Paypal employee in order to activate SFTP on sandbox account <removed> (was not permitted to post full username, replace  AT  with @) Have tried technical support, but was told to contact normal support. Have tried normal ...

auto emails for my clients

Hi, How I can send Emails to my new clients with login/pass information after they made payments at PayPlal?  

abaiti by New Community Member
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SFTP Reports

HI all, we've been told that we need to setup SFTP reporting in order to access some of the data we need in regards to our PayPal transactions. Every article or post I've found about this refers to contacting customer support or our account manager i...

Customer Service Not Answering

On May 7, 2020, I used my PayPal Business Debit Card to purchase gas and went to the tire shop to get a new tire. All of my money is in my PayPal account so I went to pay for my card and my transaction was declined so I got on my PayPal app and they ...

Reversing a claim

Say for instance yo uh begin a claim and in a m ok ment of clarity you remember a lo g night Nd that is where you probably said it as ok for someknetknusw your paypal account and you had already claimed it

Vike1 by New Community Member
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New Card Request

It has been a year since I used PayPal. After getting into my account ($26.63) by email. My card number is different and the balance is $0.00. Can I get a new card with a new number?

Joannie143 by New Community Member
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UnionPay card

Basically i recently got unionpay card but somehow it seems like it doesn't accept unionpay card. Should i get rid of this card or is there any other way to solve this problem somehow? 

Btra by Contributor
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Log in privacy.

Just wondering I’ve had some unauthorized log ins recently after I dealt with a fake tracking number incident. Seems like they don’t do anything in my account. Why do they even log in? To check if I have a balance? Just wondering if anyone can pinpoi...

Real65c by Contributor
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