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Paypal Express Checkout Not Working

Hello, we have had a Shopify website for many years and have never had issues with the express checkout until recently. For 2 months now there has been an issue when customers try to checkout clicking the PayPal option in the express checkout menu. T...

Yecats777 by New Community Member
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PayPal>Quickbooks Foreign Transactions

I use quickbooks and my PayPal transactions go through the feed automatically load to expenses in my quickbooks online account. However, when I pay for a service outside of the United States the overseas transactions do not automatically upload to qu...

JB0456 by New Community Member
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Kilo Group

I have 2 unauthorized payments to Kilo Group. How do I get a refund and not issue other payments to them?

Pswilken by New Community Member
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card veirification fail

at notification i have "Account Please verify your debit or credit card to raise your account limits." but can't do it. my cards status like "approved" - but can't transfer funds anyway. Once i reach 6 number code and fail 3 passes (shold be 4 number...

General Currency Conversion PayPal transactions in Xero

We have multiple currencies set up on our Shopify store. Our main currency is GBP and when those transactions feed through from PayPal to Xero, they feed through transaction by transaction and are easy to reconcile. When non-GBP transactions feed thr...

Splendette by New Community Member
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Account Issues

I can't do anything with my account. I can only receive money, but I can't transfer, withdraw or do anything.

Messages not appearing on Messages Center

I've sent a message to PayPal through Messages Center, but I can't see any messages except something about messages staying for 90 days from the original date. I literally sent the message yesterday... I can't see anything except that message. Please...


Has anyone ever been refund the amount in the account by paypal after their accounts has been restricted. 

wangombe by New Community Member
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IPN Errors Today April 8

I am seeing issues with the IPN today. No changes on our end. Not seeing it reported elsewhere. I am hoping it is not on our end alone.