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IPN FAILING (No Response Code 200?)

I recently received an email from PAYPAL saying that our IPN Listener is failing.  Nobody has touched that code in about 7 years.  I looked at it, and the only thing I can see wrong is, I don't see an HTTP Response Code 200 being sent.  Was this requ...

IPN issues

We  have a web site that needs and uses ipn, instant payment notification. We also have paypal buy now buttons  and paypal virtual terminal. We have had all of it for decades. about  6 months ago we started getting ipn failure notifications at 12:01a...

icauto by Contributor
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IPN Verifications response 'VERIFIED' with space

 ''  return string 'VERIFIED' with space behind.The response text is 'VERIFIED{space}{space}{space}{space}{space}{space}{space}{space}{space}'.Will this issue be fixed?(occured since 20220629)

ck_bai by Contributor
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IPN not passing item_number value

It looks like the PayPal IPN is not passing the `item_number` field back any more with `web_accept` transactions. On my server I pass a string to `item_number` to identify the IPN that comes back from PayPal, but since last night this string is comin...

sw104 by New Community Member
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IPN Certificate Errors Occuring

The IPN verification SDK is now throwing an SSL error: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: cURL error: [60] SSL: no alternative certificate subject name matches target host name '' in xxxx/PaypalIPN.php:126\nStack trace:\n#0 xxxx/not...

VA23 by Contributor
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IPN Errors Today April 8

I am seeing issues with the IPN today. No changes on our end. Not seeing it reported elsewhere. I am hoping it is not on our end alone. 

IPN Verifications Failing

IPN verifications started failing earlier this week for a brief moment overnight (EST) and then seemed to have resolved. Then again, earlier this morning (EST) around 6AM IPN verifications started failing again. Even if I re-sent the IPN packet, it w...

VA23 by Contributor
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