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Payments Made

Is there a way to search payments made for a period beyond "last year"?

lomwd by New Community Member
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Unable to use Activity Download

Unable to use Activity Download, keep getting this message: "Something went wrong: o is not a function" then in a column below: "in C, in j, in ne, in p, in Unknown, in e"

Laurie50 by New Community Member
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PayPal Credit .CSV Report Downloads

In the U.S., for PayPal Credit can a .csv file with custom dates be downloaded. In Activity>Statements there is download of each month's statement available, but no visible option to download a .csv with multiple months date range?

how to subscribe to transactions detail reports

I've been trying to get my settlement and transactions reports but when I click it says I'm not subscribed. I can't find information anywhere that shows me how to do that.Thanks for any help that you can give me  

betsyn by Contributor
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