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No emails from 8/7/23 to 12/18/23

As the title says. No emails from Paypal from 8/7/23 to 12/18/23.Thank goodness they are here, but is there a way to force those transactions to my email now?

34ford by New Community Member
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Statement for auto withdrawal funds

We receive money from our firm paypal account twice per week - I cant find statement with transactions for this withdrawal.Example: On Monday we receive 5000€ from paypal to our bank account - I need statement with transactions/order numbers/fees whi...

ujoduro by New Community Member
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"New" Trans Activity list has Net amt wrong. Trans pg is right.

The layout of the Activity Transactions page has been updated. As you look at the list, the date, customer, Gross amount, Transaction fee and Net amounts are listed but the Gross amount and Net amount are the same. If you select the individual transa...

VCA by Contributor
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Where to find a summary of PayPal fees for the year

I need the total PayPal fees I paid for tax year 2019. PayPal support is directing me to the Financial Summary report, which is no longer available. If I click Activity > Statements > Custom, there is no "Financial summaries" option. If I select any ...

SenseiWu by Contributor
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Resolved! Old transaction now showing

Hi all, looking for a clue to help my girlfriend who uses PayPal as I don't. She sold some charity calendars a couple of years ago and local people payed her through PayPal,friends and family. At the time the transactions definitely showed on her Pay...

financial summaries and invoices

How do you deal with sending your accountant income invoices for business paypal?Do you send them each sale as a invoice? Or do you group them together once a week, month etc? I would rather send my sales weekly, but I can't find any functions on Pay...