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I starting trying to use the new Zettle and am highly disappointed. PayPal here is so easy flowing, so easy to manage, and to be honest I really loved the set up. I am really hoping Paypal changing their minds about forcing everyone over to zettle be...

Phone Orders

PayPal Here worked great but is being phased out. How do I accept Credit Cards over the phone with Zettle?

GP_206 by New Community Member
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Resolved! In Zettle split a payment between cash and credit

Just opened our store today and had a customer who wanted to split a transaction between card and cash and there doesn't appear to be a way to do this while tied to a product in the cart. Costs my organization a $700 sale. Is there a way to split a t...

KotG by Contributor
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How do I print a barcode from zettle

Using the Zettle application and hardware purchased from PayPal, specifically the StarMicronics MC-3 printer, how do I print barcodes to create stickers for products? The printer setting for Print Barcodes is turned on.

KotG by Contributor
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