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Paypal referral offer

I recently referred my brother with the referral offer paypal is offering, £20. Is there any way to know if you are receiving the reward before the 2 weeks, I'm curious if its worth waiting and to make sure we did it right.

PayPal Deals Missing A Lot of Stores

There used to be a lot of stores, I'm saying around 100+ on the PayPal Deals page that you can add without searching for them. There also used to be banners on top that show the trending stores, stores you may like, etc. But that's now all gone. Now ...

Constant Reward Points Emails Being Recieved

Greetings all. I am getting multiple emails, sometimes multiple per day, from PayPal with the subject 'You have 5 PayPal Reward points ready to redeem'. I have all notifications off in my settings. I have checked this multiple times and nothing is se...

admirito by Contributor
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