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Ekomm Society order

Hi, I have ordered some items at Ekomm Society more than a week ago! So far I haven’t received a trackingcode nore the products. I paid with PayPal. So please help

PayPal here

Hi I’m still having problems being able to get PayPal credit even tho I fit the criteria it says I don’t , however i have been told it’s only 20% of uk customers that are able to get it at the moment as it’s being fased in, today I have noticed that ...

Donnalew by Contributor
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Mobile sales tax

This topic has been addressed before: offered this same suggestion/complaint while using PayPal Here, and the new Zettle app fails in the same fashion. I...

mossdude by Contributor
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Alternatives to PayPal Here

Is anyone finding a decent alternative to PayPal Here that they like? I tried Square awhile back and wasn't particularly impressed, and Zettle isn't living up to PayPal's hype for me.


I starting trying to use the new Zettle and am highly disappointed. PayPal here is so easy flowing, so easy to manage, and to be honest I really loved the set up. I am really hoping Paypal changing their minds about forcing everyone over to zettle be...