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Paypal credit balance not going down!

i have used paypal credit. my current balance is £928. I paid in £130 yesterday to take this down. It i still on £928. Now ive realised it's been on this number for a LONG time that ive been paying money in. Anybody else having this issue?

djd4 by Contributor
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Credit payments

Hi, I have two separate balances on my PayPal credit account both at 0% apr for 4 months. One of the balances hits the end of the promotion period sooner than the other. I have recently made a payment but it has been credit to the balance that still ...

Arithmetic Error by PayPal?

I track my PayPal Credit balance every day.  Two days ago, my balance was $540.71.  Yesterday PayPal added two interest charges to my balance.  One was for $3.92 and the other was for $9.28 for a total of $13.20.  But my balance only went up to $553....

Credit card no longer showing in account

I've had a PayPal account for decades. I had my PayPal credit and PayPal credit card all nicely set up, auto payments being made with several email addresses linked to it. Recently I discovered that one of the email addresses is no longer recognized ...

margcol by New Community Member
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Available Credit on PP Credit Card NOT Reflecting

Question: Why hasn't my available credit on my credit card account been updated to reflect the payment if it is showing as completed? Situation: I made a payment on 05/16/2023 online and it's cleared my bank account (the same day) and even shows a "c...

smo727 by New Community Member
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PayPal Credit

Why is it that when I pay money TO my PayPal Credit account that it takes nearly 6-7 days to register? This has so put me off using it again!

LadyP66 by Contributor
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