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Android PayPal app crashes continually

Is this sorted? I have the same isseu, my app crash soon it send varification code, the code arrives but the app is gone, Samsung mobile s23 plus, cache cleared even when the mobile isn't used yet, reinstalled the app, still same problem and I can't ...

can't open PayPal app

I can't launch the PayPal app it never gets past the login screen. I have reinstalled the app restarted the phone cleared the cache and data even installed older versions of the app. I can log in through the browser though.


I live in Czechia, but I am not Czech. How can I have instructions in English on my Smartphone application?

Jangabe by Contributor
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@I can't see my PayPal debit card info

I've gotten the PayPal debit card but when I go to my wallet and click on the green eye icon, I can't get access to the card info and get telling something wrong with my account, it not being specific the reasons why and tell me to call customer serv...

Yuuki292o by New Community Member
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Android PayPal app crashes continually

Hi PayPal app on Android Samsung S20+ continually crashes on opening, tried the usual "fixes"; Uninstall - clean install Cache cleared App updated Fast constant wireless connection Uninstalled from Play window Uninstall from phone apps Phon...

Omnev by Contributor
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Paypal keeps crashing

The app crashed almost instantl every time i press continue after it asks me to send the code to my phone number.

Zoran_T by New Community Member
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Resolved! Paypal Pay in 4 came up twice?

I'm sorry about the title but I honestly don't know what else to write.Here's what happened.  I went to XFROG to get one of the plant libraries while they were still on sale.  I sign in and continue to checkout.  At this point it asks me if I want to...

RyanDean by Contributor
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Cannot use PayPal on Google pixel 7

Any time I try to use PayPal on my Google Pixel 7 phone, I can login to PayPal but never get to the point of being able to pay - I get a message telling me to wait. Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution? PayPal works fine on my laptop...

Aislingeb by New Community Member
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