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[Removed. Phone #s not permitted]unrecognized charge

A charge for $32 has appeared on my balance due of my gift card visa "PayPal *LE VIET DU[Removed. Phone #s not permitted]but I don’t register my gift card and I don’t have a paypal account and idk what I need I to do for recover my money in my gift c...

Uchoose rewards are not linking to paypal.

My rewards points were not showing up from my card so I tried removing my card and readding it but I get an error message.  I contacted my credit card, uchoose rewards, and paypal but noone seems to have an answer for me.  They seem to be pointing th...

chr84 by Contributor
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Payment Voucher Code

,!!?.)) How do aye go about finding and getting my Voucher,,? Code ect as aye was previously told on the phone by PayPal that this would go in through AUTOMATICALLY when Checking out as in payment for Item,,?..

Can't redeem my points

I can't redeem my points either. It says I have 500 points. When I click redeem I can't select redeem for cash. It does nothing. But if I touch the redeem shopping credit it just tells me to do it at checkout choose pay with rewards option. And I hav...

PIP_sipson by New Community Member
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PayPal reward points GONE!

A few days ago, I had about 12,000 PayPal rewards points...I have not redeemed them in a VERY long time, yet today when I logged onto my account, ALL of my points are gone! PayPal keeps directing me to my credit card vendor......I though that this wa...

bobcam1 by Contributor
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