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Setting up my profile

How can I choose (state) Saudi Arabia when (Complete your profile to start using PayPal) for Shopify?

Ghaida12 by New Community Member
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Change Country

I just move back to the Netherlands from Germany and need to change the country on my account! Customer service was not helpful at all! Stating that I needed to create a new account and close the old! Before I could say that that didn’t work, the con...

AlexR1975 by New Community Member
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How to delete bank account from a deleted account

I recently set up a new PP account for a local charity but they gave me the  wrong email address. You can't change the user email so I deleted that account and tried to set up a new one. Now they are not accepting the bank account on the new PP accou...

KarenD8 by Contributor
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2 Businesses

I have a business in my home country (not UK). I will open a legal business in UK for some investments I will make. Will I be able to own 2 Businesses (different names, phones, emails, credit cards etc)? Because PayPal states that you can have 1 Busi...

Loizos6 by Contributor
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Couldn't confirm it's you

I try to open an account. They asked me to provide a code that will be sent to my phone number but no code was sent to me. Now i can't move further, and when i try they send me this message : sorry we couldn't confirm it's you

my PayPal account closed by PayPal system

Hello, my PayPal was declined. I was created new PayPal account but my new accoun was closed by the system. How to solve this problem and I can use Paypal again? I need this to receive my payment ASAP . Thankyou

aaineil by New Community Member
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Profile setup

I live in South Africa.  During my profile setup, I filled in my address, but when the States came up, it does not give any option for South African provinces, only USA option? What do I do know?

Karin651 by New Community Member
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Resolved! Problem setting up new account

Trying to set up a separate PayPal account for my wife but can’t get beyond inputting her mobile number where it says unable to complete setup

Glennd1 by Contributor
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