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Tax refund

I am based in the UK. I want to order 225€ worth product from an EU based retailer, and they already stated that this price includes tax. They will not sell me the product tax free. When this product arrives to the UK, I will pay import tax and dutie...

jasminag by New Community Member
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A work around for not paying tax on a purchase

I had an order over the weekend.  As i was preparing the order, I noticed that the city and state were reversed.  What that did was to not charge the customer any sales tax.  She lives in California and I'm located in California.  All California buye...

Judy_S by Contributor
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tax scam

 Why are items ordered  from and mailed from China allowed to charge US tax on the total.  

djam43 by New Community Member
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Conversion rate of fees isn't calculated for $ into £

Hi I'm having an issue when it comes to filling in my tax, whenever I make a sale I charge in dollars $ but I live in the UK so it gets converted for me into GBP £... The problem I have is Paypal calculate and shows the net profit conversion total fr...

RMAdam by Contributor
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Sales tax

Does paypal calculate sales tax for each location? If so how do you set it up? I do not need it to charge a flat rate. Thank you.

d_jenkins75 by New Community Member
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Reciving Payments Only Require GST ?

As in india i am freelancer often receive payments from international users or business which is not exceed as set limit by Indian Gov. so my question for Paypal Community why its mandatory to input GST as per gov also its not required for individual...

AnishMandal by New Community Member
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Collecting State Sales Taxes on our website

Customers on our website purchase and pay through Paypal. Does PP offer a service to collect and pay sales taxes? Or do I have to purchase a plan from somewhere else? If so, any recommendations that work well with Paypal?