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How do I pay after updating the international shipping fee of an order?

Marques7 by New Community Member
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Shipping Payment

Ebay now collects payment and shipping for items sold. I ship thru ebay but shipping is taken out of my paypal account. I don't understand this and it is running my account down.

yyyjrm1 by New Community Member
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Setting up shop

Why does it say payment option is not available?  and why is the shipping cost so high?  I tried a mock purchase of something that is 3.99 and the shipping is 8.01?

Dprz by New Community Member
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Resolved! Combining postage price for multiple items purchased

Hi everyone,Can someone help me please?I would like to know how to combine postage when multiple items are purchased and can be sent in the same parcel. Currently the postage charge is added together for each item. So if two items were bought the pos...

Setting International Shipping Rates in the UK

Hi,I have set up shipping rates for products being purchased and shipped from the UK to a UK customer but cannot find how to set up international shipping rates for customers outside the UK.Has anybody set this up successfully and willing to share ho...