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Unable To Contact Support Team - NO ANSWER

Hi PayPal Team,Your given support contacts are not working for the last several months. How someone will contact you for their queries. The support facilities are too POOR in PayPal India. I need urgent contact support for my PayPal account.  These ...

SEOFIED by New Community Member
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How to accept foreign currency payments

Hi There Since today morning we have been getting this message across our shopify storesYou need to accept 26 foreign currency payments in PayPal. Accept these payments before you fulfill the orders. Learn more. Appreciate any inputs on how to get th...

blackbeads by New Community Member
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Question relating to a payment withdrawal

Hi can anyone help please.  I have just withdrawn funds for the first time but I need to allocate these against payments made - i cannot see how i can do that anywhere on the Paypal platform. Am I missing something?  Thanks.

ADR2 by New Community Member
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Dropshipping Receiving & withdrawing money

Hello everyone,  I am about to setup my dropshipping business. I am based in Cyprus (EU), my suppliers are in China (USD) and my customers in USA (USD). I will Paypal as my account to receiving money from my e-store. I have the below questions if any...

Shopex by Contributor
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Currency conversions for selling?

When I sell items to international buyers (USA) I would prefer to receive payment in US$ but it always comes through as Canadian$. Is there a way to change that in settings?

Bank Account Iban (Bulgarian Paypal Account)

Hello PayPal Team,Since i can't add a LT Iban Number to our german PayPal Account, i was told from the PayPal Team to create a Bulgarian PayPal Account, since our Adress is Bulgarian. They told me, that we are able to put a LT Iban Number in. After c...

arrive at sandbox not PayPal

I used the paypal section for making a Smart Paytment button. I followe d the simple steps, copied the code, placed it in my weebly site and when customers use it it takes them to the paypal sandbox area not the regular payment gateway. The Weebly si...