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I was denied resolution twice

At what point does it become fraud when the merchant just up and denies you access to a website service and takes your money?I purchased a subscription and then the merchant denied me access. The merchant took my payment and 2 weeks later I am denied...

mobr by Contributor
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Resolved! Mistaken recipient.

I mistakenly made 2 separate payments to whom I thought was to receive. Wrong. I've tried to contact person but email returned as invalid. Interestingly, one payment went in dollars and the other in pounds. I just want my money back. What can I do ? ...

Proof of shipping not valid

Paypal asked me to provide proof of shipping items back to the vendor. I emailed said proof, which is a copy of the consignment note. They said it is not valid and denied my claim. The consignment note is valid and when I ring an agent by during the ...

Someone sent me money mistakenly

I received a random email this afternoon about a person sending me US$600+ by mistake. A short while ago I received a notification of case opened through paypal. I was not selling anything and was not expecting that money to land in my account. Is it...

I returned a not working item, the seller received it, and Paypal didn't return my money

I bought an item from ebay and it was not working. I tried to contact the seller and he said - it is working. But it was not. He then stopped answering my questions and I opened a case. So Paypal sent me an address to send the item back. No name, no ...

Seller refuses to refund after dispute closed.

I bought an item from overseas, it cost me $2500 and I opened a dispute, to which the seller agreed afterwards that they would refund the entire amount. It took a while for the item to be sent back and the dispute closed by default. At the time, I di...

Nalfa by New Community Member
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Resolution closed my case

Good morningI purchased some trainers and never received the item. I opened a dispute and have checked and the dispute has been closed. I have not received my money and looking further I should have escalated the dispute which I cannot do now. Please...

salnim by New Community Member
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