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Pending transaction

I am trying to transfer money to a recipient. To do this I added the funds from my bank account to my PayPal account. This transfer will not take place until the 5th of October. I have set up my payment preference to be from my bank account. I am rea...

S7655 by New Community Member
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Payment Pending but Shouldn't Be

My son and I have been using PayPal for him to send me his car payments for many months with no problem. However, this one is stuck at pending, even though the money has been withdrawn from his bank account. Also, I didn't get the "Accept the money" ...

ShanCart by New Community Member
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Resolved! can't cash-in from Paypal to Gcash

Hi.. The last time I have cashed in using my Gcash was October 17, 2018.      I have tried cashing in again, but my Gcash app says that my Paypal pre-approved payment plan for Gcash is still pending. How can it be? The last time I have used it was ...

bamace by Contributor
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Resolved! 3rd party check deposit

I recently got the PayPal cash card and seen where you can have a personal check & deposit it in the account. My question is, once you submit the check how long does it take before it shows as available to spend from my account?

BDill by Contributor
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PayPal Balance

Hi, I'm trying to Transfer money from my PayPal account to my Bank accountYes, I have connected my Debit card and my Bank AccountWhen I go to Help, it's says Look under PayPal Balance for the Transfer LinkI do Not see PayPal Balance or any Transfer L...

MyFlyGrl by Contributor
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