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Capitec south Africa withdraw

I struggle to withdraw my money from PayPal to capitec I made FNB account and I tried everything I don't know what to do next ! Can someone please help ?

ChellyZA by Contributor
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my bank account is accepted, but i cant pay with it

hello, I have accepted bank accounts on my Paypal but when I go to buy things it tells me to add a card (i don't have a card-the reason I got Paypal) I tried to transfer money and it said it would take 3-5 days, its the third day so maybe it will com...

Right now, we’re not able to transfer the funds to your bank.

I can't withdraw my money for several weeks. I try to send it to my visa debit card. I'm from Kazakhstan and the card is issued by Kazakhstani bank. Each time PayPal writes a message: Right now, we’re not able to transfer the funds to your bank. Plea...

Sanjar80 by Contributor
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I get no transfer

Hallo,I transferred 25 Euros to my Paypal account 5 days ago and the transfer has not been done yet.  Access to my account is limited. Could this be the reason or not? I will refund my amount (25) euros Thank you all

Transfer funds from a preloaded card to bank

I have a preloaded debit card with funds that I would like to transfer over to my checking account at my bank. I'm wondering if Paypal would allow me to pull funds out of the preloaded card and then transfer back to my bank.  Any thoughts?

Resolved! paypal balance

my paypal does not show any balance nor does it give me any option to upload money from my car. the paypal in question is still new and have just linked and comfirmed my visa card succesfully

mzala by Contributor
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