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Gumtree Purchase

Hey guys, I’ve listed a pushchair on gumtree for 220, I’ve had an email from a woman saying she is happy but cannot pick it up herself but will have a courier pick it up, and she can only pay via PayPal. This seems very dodgy to me, and I’m wondering...

Foxch by New Community Member
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Unautherised payments

Hi someone unautherised person brought something from my eBay account and it looks like the payment has come out of my PayPal account . how do I get my money back.

Resolution Center - Refund

So I sold a $350 satellite networking device over two months ago to a customer who filed a return about 5 weeks later after buying it, stating it didn’t work. A case was opened and the buyer won (which is amazing to me seeing as it had pictures on my...

money refunded

hi guys, i just want to ask, i sold a game currency using paypal last march 1 2018, but when i looked at my account today, i saw a refund transaction to my buyer,april 30 2018, how can i report this user as it is like he scammed me by taking his mone...

valmoreno by New Community Member
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i recently sold an item and the buyer said they will pay via F&F to reduce fees and make it cheaper on their side. they paid G&S by accident and then asked for a refund so i did. they then paid the amount via F&F but is now opening a dispute against ...

ZakAliX by New Community Member
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Unauthorised transaction - eBay buyer

Hi, I sold an item on eBay in February and the buyer acknowledged the receipt and left positive feedback on ebay. the buyer paid via paypal. The buyer then raised a case in paypal for unauthorised transaction and Paypal has taken the money plus £14...

appletrees by New Community Member
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