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Paypal dispute closed, but no money?

I sold some services to someone, along with many others and a few days later the buyer had filed disputes for everything. I ended up getting in contact with the attempted scammer and got them to close the disputes on everyone, but it still says the d...

PayPal is trash

PayPal so trash a company took my money and told me the best way was too dispute I have the text messages and trashy PayPal refused to return my money I pray they are sued and shut down completely PayPal is complete fraud and I will write a complaint...


I purchased an item for almost 300 dollars and the seller no longer have the website so i figured out it was a fraud scam and try to contact paypal and they say to contact the seller when I’m reporting to them that the seller no longer have their web...

Payment woes

Hello, this is the first time I have had an issue with PayPal. I am new to the platform and I have been using it with Ebay to sell some items. I have sent the buyer his items thinking he had paid. When the buyer sent his money to me however he had se...

Unlocking account

Someone sent money to my old account that I mistakenly given the wrong email to as i always use the one I given. I can’t log on to the one they sent it to as I had an email from 14th April that my account is limited. How can I get back into this acco...

Jeville by New Community Member
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paypal took my money

they took my money and not answer damages caused by Acceptable Use Policy violation 

vip852 by New Community Member
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Have you found PayPal to behave unethical?

I recently purchased online tracksuits from SportsDirect for £46.99. Within couple of days I returned it back as they were not what I expected. SportsDirect refunded me £42.99 and not full refund - no explanations provided PayPal initially supported ...

Nitindshah by New Community Member
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