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hi, i have a problem,


i sold my phone on ebay,and stated uk sale only,someone from zambia has bought the phone,and paid in full via paypal,the funds are in my account,


but the posting address i have been given,is for a courer in the uk,the address details given to me is,

Mercury Zambia,C\o Deltec International Courier Ltd Deltec House
Unit 8 and 9,Lawrence Road
Hounslow Middlesex TW4 6DR
United Kingdom
once my item gets to this address,this company will then send it on to zambia,now i know i have been paid,but something does not seem right,as far as i am,all responsabilty will end for me once the item,is delivered to this courier company,and i allways post recorded delivery,now i have sent messages to ebay and paypal about this sale,and no one has botherd to reply back to me about this sale,does anyone know,or had dealings with buyers asking to send to a courier service,
i need need urgent help with this,as i do not know what to do,please help asap,
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Re: scamm?????????????????

I would refund the money with out hesitation.  Period - nothing more to say.

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Re: scamm?????????????????

Hate to be so late in replying, but you have a valid reason to cancel the transaction as the address is not the same as the one verfied by the buyer.


You would do well to delete a few countries from those you ship to, or to not ship internationally at all. I know they want us to advertise that we do, but honestly I have not, in 8 years seen that it is worth it. Some type of little glitch comes up at least a third of the time.

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Re: scamm?????????????????

Hi Mercury Trading is a bulk courier servcie between the UK and Zambia, shipping small items at very competitive rates.


It's very commonly used here in Zambia by expats and locals shopping online in the UK, esp with the likes of Amazon.

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