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ebay unclaimed / partial payment


ebay unclaimed / partial payment

So I bought an item on ebay and paid for it. two days later I got an email from paypal saying my payment was unclaimed. I contacted the seller about this to make sure they have recieved the payment and they tell me they've only recieved the cost of the item not the shipping. My paypal account and bank account show that I've sent the full payment. The seller seems to be new to ebay and his paypal account is listed as Unregistered.


Is there something I or the seller needs to do to make the full payment go through?


Re: ebay unclaimed / partial payment

Anyone have any idea of what to do to solve my problem?


Seller is unregistered and claims he's only recieved the item price instead of item price & shipping price. Paypal tells me the full amount is sitting there unclaimed


Anyone? Ideas? Answers?


Are there moderators who could shed some light on the situation?

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Re: ebay unclaimed / partial payment

Your seller is mistaken.


A payment whose status is "Unclaimed" has not been received by the seller.  The seller may have misspelled his PayPal email address in the payments section of the eBay listing or he may have used an old email address or he may need to confirm his email address.

The seller should login to his PayPal account, click on the "Profile" tab and select the "Email" link in the left hand column to see if his email address is confirmed.  If it's not confirmed, he should click on the "Confirm" button to initiate the confirmation process.


To check which PayPal email address was used in the eBay listing, the seller should click on the "Sell similar" link for that eBay listing and look in the payments section for the PayPal email address.  If the seller has access to that email address, he should login to his PayPal account and "Add" the email address to his account.  The payment will show up right after he confirms the email address.

If the seller does not have access to that email address, you should cancel your payment and ask the seller to send you an invoice (Request Money tab) from his PayPal account so that you can pay to the correct PayPal email address.