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Why couldn't I make a partial refund on an eBay transaction?

I am an ebay seller, sold an item to a buyer than we later both agreed to a partial refund of the item.  When I went to the transaction details, there was a statement that said I was only allowed to make a refund of the total amount of the transaction.  I have never seen this statement before and don't understand why the restriction.  Can anyone clue me in??


I also found out that when I recently thought I was only making a partial refund in a similar incident, PayPal refunded the entire amount of the transaction.  I have appealed to my buyer, but since they are the beneficiary of this error, they have never replied to my request and I am unfairly out that amount of money. 


When and why did PayPal change their rules on partial refunds???

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Re: Why couldn't I make a partial refund on an eBay transaction?

Hi auntieqd, and welcome to the forums!


There are a few reasons why a partial refund might not be permitted. Partial refunds are not able to be given on pending payments, personal payments, or payments made by voucher or gift certificate.


If you haven't already shipped out the item, you can provide a full refund and ask the buyer to pay the correct amount.


I hope this helps!



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