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Recipient DOES NOT accept nonUS PayPal

My purchaser has stated that they received a message as follow; " Recipient does not accept payments from non-US PayPal accounts." I AM THE SELLER (ie recipient) and I am not sure how to proceed with this transaction. I do not ship internationally and did have a "block" on ebay but I have since allowed my buyer as an "exemption". Is this what I needed to do to "accept" this PayPal payment? HELP! What to do to complete this sale. My buyer HAS a US shipping address but physically is a buyer in Japan...? Needless to say thi is my first international sale and I would like to continue selling internationally if I can remedy the PAYMENT  situation.

Any advice?


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sandypurins Volunteer Advisor
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Re: Recipient DOES NOT accept nonUS PayPal

Login to your PayPal account and change your PayPal "Profile" payment receiving preferences to not block payments from non-US PayPal members.

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