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Problem with eBay/PayPal confirmation on recieved package?


Problem with eBay/PayPal confirmation on recieved package?


This is a little confusing...


I sold an item on eBay. I printed a shipping label on eBay that I took to the post office. When I arrived at the post office, I was advised to add insurance to my order. I did an entirely new transaction with USPS and voided my eBay shipping label. However, both eBay and PayPal still display the tracking number from the voided shipping label, so there will never be electronic confirmation that the package arrived. I contacted the buyer and he confirmed that he received the package and he left positive feedback stating that the package was received with no problems. This is the only evidence I can find that states the package was received by the buyer. How will PayPal/Ebay know that the package has been received so that my balance will no longer be pending?


Many Thanks!