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Payment sent but not received by seller


Payment sent but not received by seller

I sent a payment to an ebay seller (after receiving multiple error messages) but i never got a message on the ebay site saying i completed my transaction. But when i go to my email account i find a message in the inbox from paypal coming I completed my payment. But the seller says they did not receive my payment. I'm not sure but maybe i paid as a guest instead of logging into my paypal account during the transaction. Would that change anything? I've also contacted the seller about this and asked what we can do to resolve this and got, "I don't know what I can tell you. I haven't received the payment" I have a confirmation email and receipt number from paypal. PLEASE HELP!


EDIT: infact im pretty sure i used a guest. Theres a link in my paypal confirmation asking me to signup with paypal. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP

PayPal Employee

Re: Payment sent but not received by seller

solarblastaar -


There's a few things to do in this scenario, as it does sound like you paid with a Guest Checkout. 


The first is to ask your seller to contact PayPal.  If they can provide us the item number over the phone (not here), we can help them locate the payment.  I'll also include information below you can provide to the seller to help locate the payment and remedy the situation (assuming they're just not seeing the payment in their list).  In a worst case scenario, your seller may have to have you cancel the other payment.  If that happens, you'll want to contact PayPal via phone as well to cancel the payment.


If the seller still refuses to work with you, you have 45 days from the day you made a payment to file a dispute for Non-Receipt.  However, because Guest Checkout was used, the dispute would have to be manually filed by a representative on your behalf - again, over the phone. 


This is all fixable, of course, so don't worry.  It just may take a little footwork.  Smiley Happy


Here's some great info to provide to the seller:


"Have you recently changed your email address on your PayPal account? In most instances, the root of this issue is that the auction form that was filled out included a misspelled or outdated email address.

You can check to see what email address was used by bringing up one of the items and clicking on "Sell Similar." Check the payments section and note the email address there.

If you still have access to this email address, add and confirm it on your PayPal account to accept the payments. This has to be done within 30 days of the payments being made or they are automatically returned.

If you don't have access to this email address, you'll want to ask your buyers to cancel their payments so that they can manually send it to your new email address via the Send Money tab. Make sure you reach out to them and let them know what to do, and provide them your new email address. You may want to ask for theirs if you are sending them a money request via PayPal to help facilitate the new payment."

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