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Could Some One Guide me please..i need help regarding Paypal and ebay Shopping...Please

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I Am From India.
Abt me and my paypal:-I am an old paypal member and i am using it to pay for some online stuff time to time.

My Paypal is Connected to my bank account and i am a verified Paypal member.


Things i have and i dont:-

I have a Debit card but paypal dont allow me to add it to my account cause of my location(india).

I can not afford a credit card.


My Problem:- i purchased an item from ebay last week and paid through paypal and transaction was successful.

Yesterday again i was shopping something from ebay,when i try to pay them from my paypal,i got a message YOU NEED A DEBIT CARD OR CREDIT CARD TO COMPLETE THIS.HOWEVER YOUR DEBIT/CREDIT CARD WILL NOT BE CHARGED FOR THIS.

i have over 250$ in paypal and i was buying an item around 7$ only.

But paypal dont support my debit card and i cant shop my item now.


Any solution:-Is this a ebay-paypal lag or now my all money is stuck to paypal cause i dont hv a valid credit card and i cant even shop even when im a verified paypal user.Please Could someone help me out in this.Though i will buy a gift for my sister on her wedding from my internet earnings but i am feeling very sad now.Smiley Sad Smiley Sad Smiley Sad Smiley Sad i need my paypal to work on Ebay again..please

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