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PayPal New Features: Ideas, Opinions & Request. (new eCheck Policy)

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PayPal New Features: Ideas, Opinions & Request. (new eCheck Policy)

This thread is for Ideas, Opinions & Requests. We may not never see none of the additions, but It's nice to see what others expect, want and dislike.
Feel free to post an idea, or opinion about an idea posted. I have gathered a few here, Give me thumbs up or thumbs down on what you think of these, I really think it'd be a excellent addition to the community, slow scammers & improve friendship of buyer/seller.


1) Embed private instant messaging as facebook/myspace has, in the bottom screen as a pop up.

I have helped many paypal users in my short time here, I received a message from one member thanking me personally and becoming a friend, I thought this may be a nifty little idea to make it easier on someone that wants to come "directly to me" which makes me feel good and put a boost in self confidence as a contributor. You can also talk to that buyer/seller whom you are dealing with and build a relationship.. It would also mark history the first social networking paymeny provider/processer. :smileywink:


2) At a certain level, the TRUSTED contributor can select "Accept as Solution", this will email the original poster to please confirm the problem has been solved.

Here again, I have helped many and had several solutions. I'm not sure if this will help my reputation and score but most people are new, and here for one question and leave. It'd be nice to account for the time's I have given a opinion/answer and was able to use that as a solution to help others.


3) Authorization Holds on eCheck Until Charged Now that the eCheck Policy is in effect, I think PayPal should add some juice to their API.. So when someone sends an eCheck, it INSTANTLY places a authorization hold for that amount in their bank. This way, you know the buyer has money on the check, and the item can be sent instantly. Thumbs up or thumbs down? It can't hurt.


Re: PayPal New Features: Ideas, Opinions & Request. (new eCheck Policy)

Subscribe button: Once they get it working properly, including the menu for two or more options, example  (still not working)
it would be nice if you could specify a Thank-You page just like with the old standard buttons.

Also, the one and only default button for Subscribe is missing the PayPal logo.
It should be like
( or with transparent background ).

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Re: PayPal New Features: Ideas, Opinions & Request. (new eCheck Policy)

Nice Idea Smiley Tongue


Re: PayPal New Features: Ideas, Opinions & Request. (new eCheck Policy)

Looks like PayPal fixed the Subscribe button problem.
The button at works again.
Let's hope they are just as fast with adding the Thank-You page option.


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Re: PayPal New Features: Ideas, Opinions & Request. (new eCheck Policy)

Good Deal! Smiley Tongue

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Re: PayPal New Features: Ideas, Opinions & Request. (new eCheck Policy)

Suggestions Added 8/18/2011:


PayPal TRUST & Reputation Rank using linked accounts +Credit Reporting:

I have a very unique imagination - and a business driven mind. I think PayPal should integrate a "Trust & Repuation" system. The Trust & Reputation of a PayPal user will be determined by established accounts linked to their PayPal such as Facebook, LinkedIN, MySpace, Bank Account, Credit Card, Photo ID, Years as a PayPal Member, Number of Positive Transactions, Number of Negative Transactions & so on. This scale would be 0-100. Each PayPal member will start with 1 Trust. For each linked account, a set percentage of establishment will contribute to +1 Trust, so you can build it up. Credit reporting examples will be given below.

This may sound silly, but it's not - This will handle the following PayPal issues that we see everyday, and the representative would have a HUGE Vacation from the issues that happen with there automated systems.

I'll post some examples of why my suggestion should be accepted below:


1) No more false dispute judgments

The Automatic "Dispute" actions, usually 75% of time favors the Buyer on Physical Items, and Seller on Digital Items. The trust implemented will be taken into consideration upon dispute favors. This don't mean the person with more Trust will win the dispute, this just adds to their Favor.


2) No more 21 Day Payment Holds

The 21 Day payment holds can be removed for a set trust number such as (+20) - After a user confirmes their Bank Account, Checking, Facebook, and so on as mentioned above - What's the reason to Hold their funds for 21 days? Afterall - If a refund has to be given, PayPal still get's there money, because they report to a collection agency, and this will be filed on the members Credit History if it's not paid. Therefor, PayPal get's their money and the Buyer gets their refund. How can you go wrong? It's 2012 - Scammers and Fraud will only increase.


2) Credit Borrowing via Paypal w/ Collection Agency

"I wont have the money until my item sales"  - PayPal Member
"Ok, we will give you a 7 day pay advance loan, with xx.xx% Interest" - PayPal Representative

How can we go wrong here PayPal? Your linked eBay account, verifies the Item while taking the current bid price, reserve price, watchers and buy it now price into consideration - by this information PayPal could give 7 day Loans, afterall - If the item don't sale, the borrower will be -Negative Balance until it's paid with interest and late fee's charged. If the account is closed/unpaid - It will be reported to Agency for Collection, PayPal gets their money back, and the borrow is in debt and the users trust is set back to 0, with no borrowing permissions.


That's 3 Good Reasons, and I am sure during development more will come to mind.

 (PayPal) Partnership:

iOffer is a eBay-Similar marketplace, I can personally say - I have 200% more sales from iOffer than eBay.  But, there are no payment holds (I love) but that's a bad thing in some cases (Talking for the Community) because it has no protection against Scammers/Not as Described.   iOffer had Paypal as a payment method to pay listing fee's, then on 8/15/11 they removed it - Their reason was "We have had a increase in fee's, so we had to do away with PayPal for paying your seller fee's, though it is still available for buying/selling items" -  I have not paid my fee's since they took away PayPal, I cant! This hurts iOffer, I hope they open their eyes and realise this.. It will damage their business and traffic, even the money they earn because PayPal is the best method of payment. I simply don't want to use AlertPay,MoneyBookers,Amazon or Google. I love my PayPal and My Neighboor-Like Representative.  That being said, I'd love PayPal to offer a Partnership with iOffer and discount them on fee's so they will continue to accept PayPal - So us sellers at iOffer can pay our seller fees with PayPal.  Please take into consideration Smiley Happy

 (PayPal) Partnership: is a eBay like marketplace for "Website/Domain Flipping" - Website and domain flipping is where for example, I purchase a Premium Domain from GoDaddy, Build a website - Make it Popular, It costs me $11 for the domain, and a little time to build the website.   I then, sell my established website for perhaps, $2500.  This is "Flipping".

Flippa accepts PayPal throughout their website for paying for websites and selling websites, but not for their Fee's. Flippa also has a "TRUST/Reputation" Rank, This is so Buyers/Sellers can see their rank (etc +4, +9 and so on) - Rank is built by linking LinkedIN, Facebook, and other established (supported) accounts. I think they should partner with PayPal for 1)Paying Selling Fee's/Upgrades    and    2) Adding to your "Trust" rank! I'd love to see Flippa partnered in the future! Paypal can't go wrong by offering that partnership, as Flippa revenue averages about $1,500,000 (1.5 Million Dollars) every month - of people trading/buying/selling websites and domains.

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Flippa Buying, Selling Websites

I just had a suggestion idea..
ok, I just sold my first listing on Flippa (Where you buy & sell domains/websites)

Of course, for shipping.. We have to do a "GoDaddy Account Transfer"

I think the "Add Tracking Info" needs a bit more options, perhaps we can add our own Carrier & Custom Fields.. For example in my case, I can add "GoDaddy Account Transfer" as "Other Carrier". Then, for custom fields, add the buyer account name/seller account name/transaction ID/date/godaddy customer support # for verification.


Nice Idea? Smiley Tongue  I think it'd be handy if people did not abuse the custom fields option - if this were to be, maybe Paypal can approve certain account for that ability.

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Re: Flippa Buying, Selling Websites

Hmm, I meant to post that in the "Sticky" Ideas and Suggestions Topic...   Maybe a mod can move it? Smiley Tongue Thanks.