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help. i lost account where my credit card is linked tp

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hi, ive added a card to a paypal account but cant find it. ive tried every single email ive got but i cant find it. can u help me? i can give u all the infos ab my card even banking confirmation. i need it asap to make a payment for my daughters books


help. i lost account where my credit card is linked tp


Hello @kooki,


Welcome to PayPal Community! I understand that you are having trouble locating a card that was added to your PayPal account. Typically, if the card is not reflecting in your account appropriately, it may not have been added successfully or has been removed from your account. You can attempt to add the card again. However, if you are receiving an error when attempting again, you may need to use an alternative funding source to make the desired book purchase. I hope this helps!

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