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can't link my bank account

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First time i joined the paypal community, i tried to link my bank account to paypal, which worked perfectly. I had to wait for the two deposits, however the next day i have recived a mail saying that my bank succecfully was linked to my paypal, strangly enough when i check my paypal, there are no banks linked. When i try to link it again i get this strange message always ''We're sorry. We're not able to process your request right now. Please try again later.''

Can someone please help me?


can't link my bank account


Hi @Ayhm,


Thank you for posting, and welcome to the community as a new member!


I'm sorry to hear that the bank you added is missing from your PayPal account. Is that still the case? If it was just missing temporarily, there may have been a temporary issue that has since been resolved. If the bank is still not there, it's possible that the bank was incorrectly entered and had to be removed due to a response from the bank that the account information was not correct. Please check the bank information and make sure that you are entering it correctly. 

If you continue to be unable to add the bank and the information is all correct, please contact Customer Service for assistance. A representative can look into the reason for the banks absence. You can find your contact options by clicking Contact at the bottom of the PayPal website.


I hope this helps!




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