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What is the issue with my debit card?

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On 10/04/21 I added my debit card in paypal. While connecting debit card I entered OTP but ₹2 was not deducted from my account, my debit was showing connected to my PayPal account so I set my debit as preferred payment method. My paypal amount of ₹852 ($11.85) automatically withdrawn from my preferred payment method (debit card) & the transaction status is showing completed in paypal but I didn't received the amount in my bank account. It's been 8 days since the transaction completed. Is there any issue with my debit card? I contacted customer support & they are saying the transaction is completed from our side contact to your bank, but when I contact to my bank they are saying there is no transaction history available here? What should I do now? Should I forget about my $11.85?

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