USA PayPal Account linking with a European bank account

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I have a Euro-based website and balance, but my company is a USA LLC. I need to use our USA PayPal account to handle transactions and transfer funds to our Euro bank account. However, the bank options only include USA accounts. I receive money in Euros via our USA PayPal and need to transfer these Euros to a Euro bank account, not to a USA account with a USD balance.

anyone can help? 


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Paypal is country specific so if you move countries you have to close your old Paypal account and open a new Paypal account registered in the country where you now live. You would then need to add an address / phone number / bank accounts / cards from within that country.

You can however in most countries add a U.S bank account (not card) to your paypal account. This is because paypal is a U.S company and allows that option for U.S Paypal account holders working in other countries.

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