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I couldn't add my Bank Account

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While I'm adding my Bank Account its saying maximam number of paypal account is added. But this is the first time I added the bank account. Already I have problem same so I closed all previous paypal account and just I created the new paypal account still same issue. Screenshots attached please guide me I couln't move forward to next steps.2.JPGCapture.JPG


I couldn't add my Bank Account

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Firstly you are only allowed x2 paypal accounts if x1 is personal and the other x1 is business, if you have 2 of the same type you risk them both being limited.


Secondly you can only link a bank account to 'any' paypal account x3 times in that banks lifetime, so if you have already linked it to other paypal accounts before x3 times then you can't add it anymore.

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