How can I see which transaction made my account negative?

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I’ve just tried to use my PayPal account to make a purchase and I can see that my account is in negative. Is there a way that I can see which transactions caused my account to become negative? I’ve gone through my activity and there isn’t a transaction matching the negative amount. It could be a combination of transactions, but I’d just be guessing. I just want to make sure that I actually do owe the money.
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Hello @Jude-y

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I understand you recently discovered a negative balance when trying to make a payment, and I'm sorry to hear that. I suggest creating an Activity Download that includes All Transactions. The CSV file is what I typically prefer, but there are a few formats you can choose from. You can learn how to create an Activity Download here: How do I download a statement report of my PayPal transaction history?

I just want to give you a quick heads-up: if you make a payment while the account is negative, the negative balance will be debited in addition to your new payment. If you're able to wait until the negative balance is resolved, I recommend doing so. It could prevent additional extra charges to cover that negative balance. (If extra were to be debited to cover the negative, it would be deposited in your balance so you can withdraw it right back out.) 

I hope this information helps you determine what happened! 

- Meghan

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