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Help with my card, please!?

Posted on

Hello team PayPal,
I don't know how you guys did it, but the problem I spoke of the last time has been solved.

I dropped this message in the morning, but NOBODY attended to me, so I'm dropping it here again.

but now, I have a fresh challenge.
I have not been able to register my dollar master card to PayPal. Despite the fact that it is funded and active, and even new.
You just got me wondering!

I have been having another challenge of registering my bank account. But it tells me to register my US bank account, and I don't live in the US currently. And so I use another country's bank account. But still an active and funded dollar account.
Please I need you to make it possible to register my bank account with PayPal.

And most of all, RIGHT NOW, I need to link my Master Card to PayPal, transfer my money there, withdraw and use it.
It's very urgent.
I have been trying severally, for a long time to link my card to PayPal. And I've had to put-up with frustrations and lots of disappointments!!!

Please, I don't know how you will do it. But I need my Master Dollar Card registered with PayPal, so I can send my money there and be able to withdraw it. A lot of things are hanging on that money... and life isn't waiting any longer.


Please where should I drop my card details, so that your experts can attend to me and help me out?

Do you have a PayPal email dedicated to fixing problems like this one?

I need help please!

Looking forward to getting these problems SOLVED ONCE and FOR ALL, and FAST,

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