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Card is linked to a paypal account, can't add card.

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A year ago I closed my paypal account, for personal reasons. I linked my card on that account, and I did remove it I even had the confirmation email saying that. I then created a new paypal account right after that and tried to add the same card, but it keeps saying I can't add the same card because "This card is linked to another PayPal account. Please remove the card from the other account or try a different payment method."  I tried so many times last year to fix it, but I could never and gave up. I even contacted paypal support, but they were of no help what so ever. I then gave up on using paypal ever since that day, but now I decided to use it again. I created a new account and it's still saying the same thing when I try to connect my card. Please help this is my last hope.


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