Cannot add bank account after 3 fail deposits.

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I added bank first time and waited for the deposits but my account got removed somehow then i added my bank again but after some days i got 4 deposits at same time and i added *first 2* *middle 2* and *last 2* and all were wrong then i am not able to add it again.I deleted that account and created a new because i thought it would work but it didnt.I called the paypal support so that i could get my bank added back but i was not able to talk to any representative.

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Did you wait the 5 business days for the code to show on a bank account in India?

Every time you request a code to confirm a card or bank account it cancels the previous request/code.
If you input the first code to arrive it would be the cancelled one.
Do that 3 times with the first code and you would no longer be able to confirm your card or bank account that way.
The correct code would have been the second (or last) code you requested.

You would need to ask customer services to add it for you.
They would probably request that you upload a copy of your card or bank statement to prove ownership of the account as you couldn't complete the code method.

Contact options for each countries Paypal customer services are accessed by clicking help/contact bottom left of Paypal pages.

1. Paypal phones when available (you can use the guest option if you can't log in).
2. Live chat is also randomly available.
3. You can send them a message, during business hours you may also be able to message whilst logged out.
4. Have you considered contacting Customer Service via Facebook or Twitter?
You can send them a personal message from their Facebook or Twitter pages.
It's: and @AskPayPal for Twitter.

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