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Can't link my Bank account

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I am trying to link my bank account, they accept all details but I get an error at the end of the process making it unable to attach. The error message says to contact the support team but I didn't have much luck there. Bank is Revolut, I get the same error if I add the details manually or with the bank App. How can I fix this problem? PS. I have also talked to Revolut's support team and they confirmed this issue is from PayPal's end 😔



Can't link my Bank account

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I am in the US and can't do this either. The automated answering system and the texting system all give you the instructions for setting up a new account. Guess what? It doesn't work. I even tried setting up my bank to send them money. So far, nothing, but I will check again on Monday.

This is not good that I am delinquent on paying my December bill, all because the system is lousy.

I have changed umpteen accounts to my new bank account, and it worked great every time. But not PayPal's ridiculous system.


Can't link my Bank account


Hello @slowedmusicltd and @stt331,


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I am sorry to know that you're facing issues while adding a bank account. It is possible that our security system is not letting this activity go through. Some unusual account activity would have triggered this. This is only temporary, our internal security system works hard to keep our customer's accounts safe. This is just a security measure that we take to make sure the account is safe. I would suggest you try to attempt the activity again at a later time and please do not try to attempt this simultaneously, as our security system will get triggered and the clock will start from zero, from the time of the next attempt. If the issue persists, please check the Resolution Center to see if there are any notifications regarding your account status.


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