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Adding money to walled by debit card but not linking the card to account

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Is there a way from me to add money to my paypal account through my debit card, by that i don't want to link my debit card account i just want to transfer a small find like $3.50 to buy something online. And how do i make my account details anonymous/safe when i make transactions cause it'll be my first time using paypal for transactions. How long will my wallet take to update, and in the case i get scammed or money stolen how do i refund transactions?


Adding money to walled by debit card but not linking the card to account

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You can't add money with a credit or debit card.


You don't need to have money in your PayPal account to make a payment. As long as you've linked a bank account or card, you can shop with PayPal and pay from the bank account or card, then PayPal will charge your selected payment method. The seller won’t see your financial info. Your name, shipping address (if required), and PayPal email address will be shown to seller in their transaction activity to process the order.

If you still want to add money to your PayPal account, you can do so from a linked and confirmed bank account. Note: Before adding money we may ask you to complete your identity verification.


When making financial transactions online on a major platform such as PayPal, you can’t remain 100% anonymous, not even from PayPal of course. At best, you can open a PayPal business account as “individual”  (as opposed to sole proprietor, company, trust, charity, partnership, etc.) to transact under a business name, that can be an alias. You still have to provide verifiable account owner information.


You may upgrade your personal account to a business account from account settings or open a separate business account as “individual”.

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