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if I never had to use pay pal again I would be happy

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It is absolutely ridiculous  that they do not have 24hr  call support, it's 2015  not 1950. I can't change my country of origin to Canada,  where I live. Somehow I registered my address with pay pal and they didn't even realize that my address doesn't exist in France which was the country chosen at the time I put my address in. Not even knowingly I left it as France. Even worse I had no idea I was even making an account with PayPal.  I thought I was doing a one time credit card payment and somehow got stuck with an account I can't even use because the address is wrong and no one is around to help me fix that quickly so I can make an urgent payment. Great customer support there PayPal!,  and good job being diligent in checking to see if an address even exists. No wonder there is so much fraud in the world with allowances like this. They didn't tell me I couldn't make a payment then at that time, instead they tell me when I try and make a second payment. If i was doing fraud, which I am not, I would have gotten away with the first payment and stopped by the second payment. That is completely backwards if you ask me. You should have an option to change your address  and include the COUNTRY and have a 24hr call center. You should also verify addresses before you allow anything. Unprofessional if you ask me. I hate paying throught PayPal and only didn't because I had to. I wish there were another way but there just isn't.  Thanks for my frustration pay pal, I really appreciate it.


if I never had to use pay pal again I would be happy

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Most people manage to open a paypal account in the country that they are in !!! 

Paypal is country specific so if you move country you have to open another paypal account in that country and add an address / phone number / and financial info ie bank accounts and cards from within that country.

The only exception is U.S users can add their bank accounts to other countries paypal accounts.


So suggest you close your French account if you are not in France and open one in whatever country you think you are in. 

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