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pre authorized paiement without having money

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I remember a few years or months ago I could make pre authorized paiement for my ps4 and apple without actually having money in my bank account and I could pay my paypal account back in the next few days. Why my transactions are all getting decline now

pre authorized paiement without having money


Hello @slimz7,


Congratulations for your first post on our community!


Sorry to hear that you're not able to complete payments. Have you verified your PayPal account? Each time you initiate a transaction, our system runs through a series of filters to locate any possible risk and if the account is not verified, this may trigger our system to temporarily block the actions in your account.


To get verified, go to your account to add and confirm your bank account. You can initiate the transactions once your account gets verified. 


I hope this information helps, have a great day!




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