not releasing payments 24hrs after marked delivered

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So I’m ready to pull my hair out. I have had this business PayPal for 2.5 months now. When I signed up for the account I didn’t expect clothing sales to take off like they did. I’m not complaining but I feel like PayPal is using this against me. My limit is 2600 a month of funds to release then the rest are held. I’ve been told several times by agents that I should request an increase and both times I have been denied. I’m doing everything they want, updating tracking info, status and shipping within 24hrs. They tell me the system should release the payments24 hours after delivered status, but I’ve had to call in with all the transactions ID for them to go one at a time to release funds. Ok that was fine until now I’m over 600 transactions. After three hours on the phone today they then now tell me they can just hold random payments even after they have been marked delivered. I am wondering is there a set amount of transactions I need to have to establish a pattern for them? What else can I do to release funds? It’s awful to try to grow the bunnies with my money being help. I’ve had only one dispute on the 600 transactions. Another question is has anyone used the PayPal credit for buying inventory? I was told to apply after three months of having the account open, but wondering what they are looking for? Any tips would be greatly appreciated
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