if my girlfriend sends me money from japan

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if a friend sends me money from Japan i'm located in usa.. it is 3000 usd and they have to send it as a seller is this legal it's a gift because my car is broken and i need the money for repairs it is my girlfriend sending it.. because the bank i have does not use wire transfers this is my only option is this fine? paypal won't refund the money flag it is suspicious will they? because there is no option to send it as friend or family transfer. i use chime bank and they don't offer wire transfers. 

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Not all countries have the friends/family option so would have to use the goods/services option.

However if you haven't received goods/services payments before you may be subject to the new seller hold as per link.


You would also have to pay a fee to receive the funds.

Also make sure she sends USD unless you can receive her currency on your paypal account.

You could look at other payment processors like western union or moneygram and see if they are cheaper? 

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