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depop payment

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I sold clothes on depop and my account is verified BUT to recieve my payment and for the payment to be taken out of the buyers account she has to verify that she got the package.  she said that her shirt that she recieved was perfect and i left a note in the package that had the steps of how to verify delivery so that i could get my payment and i know she read it because she said it in my reviews......then the next day i ask her to verify and no response then today i ask her to verify again and repeat the steps again what do i dooooo help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


depop payment

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This is not your buyers problem so don't hassle them as there is no requirement to do anything other than pay you.


If you didn't send trackable then..........


If you mark the transaction as processed then the buyer may have the option on their account to mark the transaction as delivery/satisfied. If the buyer confirms this by clicking on the "Confirm Receipt" button, the funds may be released to you sooner. This is not always available or guaranteed and the buyer may decline to do so. 
If not then sadly its 21 days.

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