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card credit out money already but my paypal account no show transaction

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My bank card already show the money credit out to paypal, but why my paypal account didn't show the transaction? the seller also didn't receive the money. Is it paypal eat the money? I try to contact paypal for this 13 days, but nobody take action on it. Kindly refund quickly.


card credit out money already but my paypal account no show transaction


Hello @zac1987


Welcome to the Community Forum. I can understand not being able to find a transaction can be a bit concerning. If you made the transaction as a Guest, then the payment would not show on your PayPal account Activity. Normally, when a payment is made, the seller should see the transaction on their Activity right away. If they don't see the transaction, they may want to make sure their account is setup properly to receive a payment. 


If the payment remains unclaimed for 30 days, normally the payment will refund back to your funding source on its own. 


If the seller is still unable to see the transaction after making sure their account is setup properly, you may want to reach out to your card company to see what dispute options are available. 


Best wishes on this and future transactions,


 - Jon K

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