can't withdraw money to card

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Hi! I can’t withdraw my PayPal balance to my bank account or to card. in mobile the withdraw button vanished. I want withdraw money but the withdraw button is not visible like before. And when i try to do it using my laptop, error showing. I attached the image of that error coming when I trying to withdraw my funds. Please help me to solve the issue. Kind regards! Thank you!Screenshot (131).png

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PayPal Employee

Hi @Theekshanaravis 


Thank you for making a post. 


I see you're facing issues withdrawing funds from your balance to your bank or card. You are facing issues both on your App and on the website. In such cases, first check if there are any limitations placed on your account and try to resolve them in the resolution center. Make sure that your account is verified and you've confirmed your identity as well. If you have completed all these and still get the error, try to clear your cache-cookies, data and use a different device to log in. If that doesn't help too, you can contact PayPal directly over the phone or message center so that they can look into your account and help you accordingly. You also have an option to chat via Facebook and Twitter.


I hope this helps.




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